Weekly Planner Notepad – Desktop Planning Pad with to Do List, Daily Schedule, and Habit Tracker – 50 Sheets, 9” x 6”




Size:9 x 6′ Weekly Planner Notepad

Say “yes” to less stress
Boost your productivity with our sleek and efficient Weekly Plan notepad! Our notepad will help you get organized (and stay organized!), check more tasks off of your list, and can even help you get healthier with our special “Healthy Habits” feature. With spaces to list your top priorities, other to-dos and something fun (very important!), you’ll be set to rock your week.

Declutter your desk and your life
Our sleek desktop notepad and calendar helps you plan your weekly goals and daily tasks while keeping everything you need for effective time management in one place. No more scrambling to find that misplaced sticky note scribbled with the details of that important business lunch! Our invaluable notepad makes the perfect desktop organizer for any home or office, and is a great gift for the small business owner, student, or entrepreneur. Need an extra hand keeping your family organized? Our desktop planner and calendar makes it easy for busy moms (or dads!) to keep track of soccer games, doctor’s appointments, school field trips, and more. The minimalist design features a horizontal format that allows for maximum efficiency at a size that won’t clutter your desk.

Cultivate healthy habits
We don’t just care about your professional growth, but also your personal growth! Our notepad features a unique “Healthy Habit” checkbox that encourages you to choose a healthy habit to complete each week and track your progress. Visual cues keep us motivated, which in turn make us more likely to stick with our new habit. At the end of each week, you can evaluate how well you stuck with your new healthy habit.

Inspiring creativity in the workspace and home
At Two Tumbleweeds we create uniquely crafted goods that inspire creativity and encourage smart time management during everyday activities, including our deliciously fun Foodie Dice, a unique way to make a game out of mundane meal planning.


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