The Entrepreneur’s Growth Startup Handbook: 7 Secrets to Venture Funding and Successful Growth




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The spirit of an entrepreneur is often characterized as one of unbridled passion and deep determination. While this may be true, there are many other issues you must be aware of in order to excel at any entrepreneurial endeavor.

Nobody understands this better than author David Feldman. With over twenty-six years of experience in business and law—and as an entrepreneur himself—Feldman has worked with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. Over the years, he’s also seen some very smart people make some very serious mistakes. With The Entrepreneur’s Growth Startup Handbook, he now shares many of the lessons he’s learned with you.

Inspired by a series of columns on entrepreneurship for, this timely guide will help you determine if you have the right makeup for the travails of entrepreneurship, and put you in a better position to navigate the biggest challenges one faces in creating and growing a business.

While there are many how-to books out there on entrepreneurship, none are quite like this. Filled with illustrative examples from Feldman’s own career as well as high-profile entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Howard Stern, this book opens with a realistic assessment of the qualities you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. With this information in hand, Feldman moves on to address the seven essential issues associated with starting and growing something exciting in the entrepreneurial world. You’ll gain valuable insights on everything from the nuts and bolts of building a business—finding the right employees, partners, and investors—to staying focused while working on new ideas, balancing work with the rest of your life, and dealing with burnout or boredom. Even if you have run your own business for some time, there are helpful suggestions and areas of coverage that apply equally to those in the middle and more mature stages of building a business.

Rounding out this detailed entrepreneurial discussion is a look at the most likely reasons why businesses fail, and some strategies for helping you avoid them. Feldman also presents the brief biography of a man who embodies so much about what type of person should pursue their own business, and how he overcame various obstacles to achieve success.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business, have already done so, or work with or advise entrepreneurs, you can benefit from the essential insights found here.

From the Back Cover

Praise for The Entrepreneur’s GROWTH STARTUP Handbook

‘David has put forth a non-intimidating blueprint about how one determines whether they possess the skill-set to be a successful entrepreneur as well as the potential pitfalls one may face along the way. He combines personal experiences while driving attention to entrepreneurs we all recognize to punctuate his points and briefly wraps it all up with the story of his mentor’s (Uncle Lenny’s) entrepreneurial journey. I found myself nodding in agreement as I read each chapter.’
—Keith L. Lippert, Partner, Lippert/Heilshorn

‘David Feldman’s treatment of the mistakes made and perils faced by entrepreneurs in establishing, growing, and financing their companies is an entertaining and practical guide for anyone looking to jump into the race. The chapter on financing and the methods of staging a process to find capital and the various types and styles of investors and the good and evil of how they operate are spot on.’
— John J. Borer III, Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking, The Benchmark Company, LLC

‘David Feldman is a master of all things small cap: the best legal strategy, the best way to access capital markets, and now with his wealth of knowledge gained over a twenty-six year career of hands-on experience with entrepreneurs and their companies, he shares his experience on the common issues that assure success or undo it. If you are a part of the small cap world, or want to be a part of it, read Mr. Feldman’s new book, The Entrepreneur’s Growth Startup Handbook, and you will access true wisdom on the subject.’
— Neal Wolkoff, Of Counsel, Richardson & Patel LLP; former Chief Executive Officer of the American Stock Exchange

‘Valuable advice and counsel for entrepreneurs from David Feldman’s wealth of experience with small and growing companies.’
—Cromwell Coulson, Chief Executive Officer, OTC Markets Group Inc.

‘If there’s one book that should remain by your side as you build up your company from Day One, this is it.’
— Dian Griesel, President, Dian Griesel Inc. and author of FUNDaMentals: The Corporate Guide to Cultivating Investor Mindshare

‘This book is an asset to those wanting to capture the ‘right stuff’ of successful entrepreneurship.’
—David Weild,former vice chairman of NASDAQ; founder, Chairman, and CEO of Weild & Co.

‘I would encourage all my clients considering starting a business venture to read this book.’
—Charles Weinstein, Chief Executive Officer, EISNERAMPER LLP

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