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Where is the McDonald’s Monopoly winners list and how many prizes are left?

ALMOST five million McDonald’s Monopoly prizes have been claimed – and the top £100,000 cash win is still up for grabs.

Customers have been sent into a frenzy as diners collect tokens in an attempt to win one of the 50million prizes in the annual hunt.

McDonald’s has a web page dedicated to updating you on what prizes have already been claimed

Prizes range from £100,000 cash, to cars, to free food – all you need to do is peel back the right sticker

But not all of the giveaways are claimed: last year only eight million of them were, and three out of four of the £100,000 cash prizes ever made it into the hands of customers.

The competition, which launched in March, is well underway and players only less than three weeks to find the winning tokens before it ends on April 30.

Prizes are going fast – here’s what we know so far:

What are the prizes this year?

There are 50,000,000 prizes up for grabs but Maccies has slashed the number of top prizes on offer making it harder to win.

Here’s a list of all of the prizes up for grabs this year on McDonald’s Monopoly 2019:

There are only four £100,000 cash prizes to be won from McDonalds

The number of holidays you could win has shrunk to just 50 down from 200 last year, while the number of game consoles up for grabs is down from 500 to 400.

But there’s plenty of free food including Big Macs, McFlurry’s and apple pies, cinema tickets, a hoverboard wireless headphones and NOW TV packages all up for grabs too.

How can I find out what prizes have been won?

McDonald’s has a web page dedicated to updating players on what prizes have been won.

It won’t tell you exactly how many of the smaller giveaways have been claimed, such as free Big Macs or fashion vouchers, but it will inform you what top prizes have gone.

That way, you can work out what’s still up for grabs – and how many of them are left.

At the time of publishing, these are the prizes that have been claimed in the first three weeks of the competition:

  • £800 city break with loveholidays, four
  • £2,000 holiday with loveholidays, three
  • Zeiss VR ONE Plus Headset, 512
  • Super Socks vouchers, 216
  • NOW TV passes, 411,686
  • Hawkers sunglasses, 395
  • Cinema tickets, 2,246
  • Extra Value Meal, 52, 389

Some of the instant win tokens let you choose between two free food items, such as a fruit bag or side of fries.

So far, 90 per cent of winners of the fruit bag or McFlurry tokens have claimed a free ice cream, while 94 per cent opted for a sausage and egg McMuffin over a toasted bagel.

Some tokens lets customers chose between two free items off the menu

Controversially, 66 per cent chose chicken McNuggets over a free McChicken Sandwich.

The website is regularly updated so you’ll need to keep refreshing the page to see the latest figures.

Winners who tag @McDonaldsUK in their celebratory tweets stand a chance of being featured on the website too.

What prizes are left and how do I win them?

There are hundreds of top prizes still to be won on the game, including four of the most valuabe prize – a whopping £100,000 cash.

By the looks of it, no one has scooped a single one of the Mini Cooper cars available either meaning everything is still all to play for.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning big then you’ll need to collect and complete the right sets.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the prize, how many of them are left, how many have been won and what tokens you need in order to claim:

  • £100,000 cash, four still available, Dark Blue
  • Mini Cooper, 20 still available, Green Set (15) or an instant win (5)
  • £2,000 holiday spending money, 47 still available, three have been won, Yellow
  • PS4 Pro, 650 still available, Red
  • Any mobile phone with a one-year Sky contract, 400 still available, Train set

How long do I have to claim my prize?

McDonald’s Monopoly 2019 ends on April 30, which means you won’t be able win prizes on the Online Game after this date.

The latest date to claim free food is May 14, while non-food prizes must be collected by May 31.

Some discounts vouchers may be redeemed after these dates but you can read the full list of rules here.

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